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    A healing garden can be defined as any outdoor area that is created and maintained with a focus on health and well-being. These may include meditation gardens, commemorative gardens, peace gardens and tranquility gardens, as well as any areas that might be described as sacred spaces. These can serve as dedicated areas for meditation, prayer, yoga or quiet reflection, along with any other activities intended to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being. They can be large or small and may also be located in both private and public settings. While no two healing gardens are alike they all share a common trait, in that they provide a source of comfort, focus and restoration for those who experience them.

    Although healing gardens offer a variety of physical and mental benefits to anyone who visits them, those who take an active role in their planning and construction can experience an added dimension of healing. The direct involvement of individuals in the creation of a healing garden not only allows them to create a space adapted to their specific needs, it provides a therapeutic experience through the creative process.

 Image copyright Eric Naylor, 2017. Used with permission.