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    This program was created in part over concerns for a lack of long term resources for adult survivors of sexual abuse. “But why a garden program?” you might ask.


    For these survivors, the concept of a sacred space can be complicated at best. For many, their first understanding of a sacred space was at the violation of their own personal space. Many of the aspects of a sacred space can be something that survivors may struggle with, including concepts such as sacred, refuge and sanctuary. Learning to conceive a new sacred space and to plan, create and nurture it, has proven to be a very enriching experience for those who commit to this workshop.


     While every survivor is different, the benefits of this training and the resulting gardens appear to be three-fold. The first is by acquiring some practical landscape design and construction skills that allow them to have a new means of personal expression. The second and most obvious benefit is the creation of a personal sanctuary, specifically made for their individual needs and preferences. The third benefit is a synergistic effect of the previous two benefits, in which each person feels a sense of empowerment by creating his or her own sacred space.






Image Copyright Bob Verkoeyen, 2017. Used with permission.