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    Before organizations and individuals commit to participate in a workshop, it is important to understand what this resource is intended to be and what it is not. For those who apply themselves, this workshop can be an opportunity to acquire the skills in which to plan and create a personal place of healing, where survivors can learn and share with other survivors in a supportive venue that is free from judgement and social stigma. However, as with any healing modality, this workshop is not a magic bullet that is going to make years of trauma and personal anguish simply melt away. Specifically, this workshop is not intended to be:

  • a venue for individual or group counseling.

  • a substitution for authorized medical treatment or social services.

  • a platform for political or social advocacy.

 Lastly, this workshop should not be viewed as a final destination for survivors, but rather as another step in a life-long journey of healing.                                                                                                                                           














Image Copyright Eleanor Verkoeyen, 2017. Used with permission.