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The types of preparations required may vary somewhat for each group. The following are some basic recommendations:                                       

1. Determine a time and place - Host groups may opt for one full day workshop or two have half-day sessions. Most workshops are scheduled to take place from mid-March through April, although they can take place throughout the year as well. Dates will be booked on a first come basis, so organizations are encouraged to reserve a date and location as soon as possible.                                                                       

2. Allow at least one month for promotion and registration in advance of the workshop.                          

3. Include all the necessary information in your promotions, including the date, starting time and duration. Be sure to provide information on how to register, including a telephone number. Also include the names and logos of both partnering organizations. Specify if meals are an option. For the sake of privacy and security, some organizations may opt to withhold the exact location of the workshop and disclose it only upon registration.                                                                                        

4. Promote the workshop beyond your current client list. Consider reaching out to past clients, as well as survivors who are served by other local organizations or those who live in neighbouring communities.  

5. Write a media release for distribution to local newspaper, radio and television outlets.                      

6. Develop a flyer that can be adapted for print, e-mail or social media.                                          

7. Let us know your number of registrants at least two days before the event. This will allow us to prepare the right number of handouts and other resources.


    We can help! The Reclaiming the Sacred Program can assist with most aspects of promotion, including the development of flyers and media releases, as well as provide a contact for media interviews.